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Boxing is a complete sportThe training, based on a training in which you have to do leg work, throw punches at the right time and save yourself from the opponent's blows, is not an easy job, but it is never impossible.

Let's look at the following boxing tips for beginners and make the ring your comfort zone.

Top 10 boxing tips for beginners

  1. Come well prepared

Preparation for boxing training or a boxing match is the main secret and cannot be ignored.

The preparation includes an appropriate diet that will help you lose or gain weight according to your needs.

A high level of physical fitness can be achieved by following a perfect diet plan. But we can not forget the physical preparation that under the advice of your boxing coach you will achieve an enviable physical condition.

Running, jumping rope, shadow and countless coordination exercises, sack hitting , practicing combinations with a partner and sweating a lot will be the steps that will lead you in the future to compete whether you want to or not.

Another important point is to choose the right equipment, including boxing gloves, bandages and mouth guard to protect your teeth and jaw.

Also, being surrounded by a good team in your gym, will surely help you to improve in your beginnings in the Noble art of Boxing.

There are great brands of boxing glovesbut here we are going to advise you about the gloves of the brand Kasikao (you can find a wide variety of boxing gloves here).

Boxing training for beginners requires passion.

If you are passionate about fighting, boxing, you must keep that passion alive. practicing whenever you can and even in your own home, you can do shadow or any other type of boxing moves when you come back from work, before the shower if you have not been able to attend the gym that day.

This passion for boxing will give you self-confidence, which will help you in your mental preparation for each training session or for a future boxing match.

Trust us, you will have won the 50% of the fight just by getting ready correctly and in the right direction, always under the guidelines of a qualified boxing trainer.

Do you get nervous before you fight?

Here is a video that will be useful and will help you to face this situation.

  1. Uses less energy for hard hits

This is a common mistake made by all beginners.

Most of them try to hit hard.

You may be thinking how? why is it wrong to hit hard?

In fact, when you use all your power to strikeyou are using the power of your arm and shoulder.

This is the wrong technique; you should use your whole body taking advantage of the rotation of your hips and legs as you strike.

It will consume less energy and you will perform much better. This is a common mistake for those who are new to boxing.

Many beginners hit faster with slower footwork. This is also an incorrect technique.

Research shows that hitting slower hits harder.

Therefore, your stroke must be perfect according to the speed of your feet and the movement of your body..


  1. Staying hydrated

This is the most important thing every trainer will tell you. In fact, it's one of the best tips in boxing (unless you're cutting weight for a fight).

Staying hydrated means drinking water both during training and sparring.

If you think this tip is not that important, you are wrong.

Boxing is really very hard, and you sweat a lot.

Studies show that half an hour of boxing burns 500 to 700 calories, mainly due to perspiration.

Drinking water will fill you with energy and your energy will improve or maintain your performance.

  1. Use good boxing combinations for better performance.

A wider variety of boxing combinations will be your main tool during boxing training.

The combinations are actually punching techniques, but over time you will give it your style.

If you look at the beginners who have become champions in a short period of time they have used this technique as the main tool in competition.

There are different combos that can be tried and while applying the combo you only have to take care of one thing which is to hit and impact while taking cover, never let your guard down!

Here is a simple video for you to know 5 basic boxing combinations for beginners. Every beginner should know them and try to make their version of combos from them as well.


5 Boxing combinations for beginners

1-2 or Jab, Cross

1-2-3 or Jab, Cross, Hook

1-2-3-4 or Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross

1-2-3-4-5(body) or Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Hook (Body)

1-2-3-4-3-3(Body)-2 or Jab, Cross, Hook, Cross, Hook (Body)

  1. Make a good bandage on your hands.

Human hands have many joints and weak bones.

In a sport such as boxing, you mainly use your hands.If you don't protect them well, it is likely to cause an injury and you may have to stop training and it may harm you in your work.

You can skip this step only if you want to get a fracture, break a finger, or even break a bone.

In Boxing, the most frequent injury is the so-called boxer's fracture.65% of the injuries, involved with the breakage or even fissure of the fifth and fourth metacarpal.

Believe me, it will be your last boxing training if you don't protect your hands properly, as it is one of the main reasons for beginners to give up on the noble art of boxing.

Bandaging in boxing training is done with bandages of lengths varying between 3 and 4.5 meters.

Here are the 7 steps to wrap your hands to box properly:

1-Wrap your thumb around and start rolling behind your hand.

2-Roll 3 times around the wrist

3-Create an X between the fingers. Start on the back of the hand and start going through the space between the pinky and ring fingers, go back to the back and repeat for all fingers. You will create these three X's

4-Wrap the thumb once and then lock the thumb by going behind the thumb and down to the palm.

5-Wrap three times around the knuckles.

6-If extra turns are left over by securing the hands more...

7-If you follow these steps correctly, you will definitely avoid any injury during training.

6 Breathing correctly in boxing

Learn basic boxing techniques including the correct way to breathe in the ring.

The correct way of breathing in and out is the most important thing in boxing.

Usually your Boxing coach will suggest breathing in while picking up the punch and breathing out while punching.

Why is that important? This question will come to mind when you hear someone breathing correctly.

Because breathing is natural.

But, breathing in and out at the right time is the most important thing to save you from being overwhelmed and your one mistake can make you more tired during the workout.

Here is a video about "How to breathe correctly in boxing". is the shortest we found.

7 -Use proper footwork

To defend yourself and to attack your opponent, ehe footwork will be your faithful companion along with your hands..

Practicing footwork is one of the basic boxing techniques used by elite boxers in their strategy to win big fights.

"Floats like a butterfly; pica like a bee".

Proper footwork helps you create angles to save yourself from your opponent's punches, as well as to create angles and throw powerful punches.

Remember the footwork of Muhammad Ali and his strategy of using footwork immediately after the combination of blows.

  1. Try to push your opponent back when you can't strike

Sometimes, you are not able to hit due to various reasons and it is time to push your opponent back.

Use proper footwork and your arms and legs can push the opponent back and execute your attack or you can try to turn and move your opponent to the corner so that he is covered by ropes on both sides and you can hit him back into a corner.

In case your opponent tries to push you backwards, use your footwork to move sideways to prevent your body from receiving extra weight.

  1. Relax

Boxing is an energy sport, you use up your energy throwing punches, using the body and feet if you do it in tension.


Look, if you are nervous or tense you will consume more energy with each punch.

This burned out energy does not benefit you against your opponent, but learning to relax and box loose can play a vital role in not suffering a certain defeat or going down in a workout or glove-off.

So, if you don't want to burn energy for no reason, stay relaxed.

Staying relaxed is also important to your strategy. You won't be able to throw well-executed punches if you're tense. ....

  1. Don't close your eyes while tapping

Many beginners look at the ground or close their eyes while hitting the sacks or their opponent.

That's the wrong technique. Because, when you look at the ground, you're not really aware of where the blows might come from.

While boxing, you must be aware of the punches coming from your opponent.

You have to keep your eyes open to know what blows are coming from your opponent or what moves he is making...if you blink...you will notice it on your face.

  1. Maintain the correct boxing posture:

This is important to keep the position on guard while boxing or training.

The correct posture helps you to keep your balance, to throw stronger punches, to defend yourself from your opponent's blows, to be able to move with your footwork always in the correct posture (on guard).

Here is a video describing the correct posture strategy:


These boxing tips and tricksThe techniques to be used during training are not so difficult to execute.

You just have to be applied and consistent in your training. If you have completed your training effectively, these tips and tricks will lead you to win during a boxing match.

There are many more techniques as well, which are experienced by different boxers and they find them very useful.

Share if you liked the tips and advice that Kasikao.com has mentioned and remember. Have fun with boxing!

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