Semi-elastic bandages

Kasikao's semi-elastic bandages offer excellent fit, protection and safety for your hands and wrists. They are made with a combination of cotton and polyester in a Mexican style for your comfort. Take care of your hands and wrists during boxing and other contact sports with semi-elastic bandages. Bandages available in black, red and blue. Length of 5 meters and velcro closure of maximum resistance. Boxing tapes are characterized by their slight elasticity. They are also a necessary complement to protect your hands, wrist and fingers when training and competing in contact sports, together with good gloves. Upgrade your sports equipment and buy securely the most advanced semi-elastic bandages from  KSK. Contact us! If you want to customize the bandages.
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If you want effective protection for hands, wrists and fingers, carry it in your boxing equipment bag, the semi-elastic bandages KSK.


They offer excellent fit, protection and safety for boxing and other MMA sports.


KSK semi-elastic tapes are elaborated in  high quality cotton and polyester, Mexican style.


The model is comfortable and easy to fit.


In spite of being a very important accessory, due to the functions that these bandages fulfill, their placement is often not taken seriously.


It is indispensable for training and racing safely protecting your valuable hands and keeping your knuckles in place.


With proper hygiene of the bandagesIf the gloves are not used, you will be able to increase the life span of the gloves, unless you are one of those who prefer to discard them after a good use.


Available in blue, red and black colors, the boxing bandages prevent fractures in those starting out in the sport.


With Velcro closure, this type of bandage is 5 meters long and is preferred mostly by professionals in the ring.


Buy at the best price semi-elastic bandages online without any fear and in a totally safe way.


Complete your boxing equipment andbe sure to add superior quality products.


We ship nationally, wholesale and retail. Also to Italy and Portugal.


We are manufacturers


Additional Product Information


  • Resistant
  • Slightly elastic
  • Adjustable
  • Velcro fastener


Brand: Kasikao

Color: Blue/Red/Black

Length: 5 mts

Composition: Cotton, polyester, velcro


The use of washing machine and dryer is prohibited.

Allow to ventilate in the open air.

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