Thai iron cup

Thai iron thai cup to safely protect the genitals. The men's coif is ideal for use during practice and competitions in boxing, kick boxing, K1, muay thai and other contact sports. Thanks to its flexible, padded design, it fits comfortably to shield the genital area without interfering with the wrestler's mobility. The iron construction of the sports cupThe closed-cell padding on the edges ensures the comfort every fighter needs. The core of the Muay Thai cup is made of steel and the cup is padded both on the outside and inside to fully protect the groin.   Contact us! If you want to customize them.
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The quality of our thai iron thai shellallows you to safely practice any contact sport.

Being a pelvic area protector with elastic fastenings and plastic cup, the professional cup is recommended for use during training or competitions.

In addition to protection, the flexible and padded design of the cup will allow you to adapt it comfortably to the genital area.

Men's coquilla contains a special cufflink shell of very good quality and three cords that help to hold the cufflinks in place without getting in the way.

To protect the groin from strong impacts, the steel cup, with leather finish, attenuates the impact.

The Thai cup is anatomical, fits perfectly and does not affect the ability you need to keep in constant motion.

Take the sport cup in the color of your choice: red or blue for maximum protection.

It is removable so you can wash it easily.

Complete your MMA equipment  and tobe sure to add superior quality products.

Buy online and at the best price the iron shell without any fear!

Available in various sizes.

We ship nationally, wholesale and retail. Also to Italy and Portugal.

We are manufacturers

Additional Product Information


  •  breathable
  •  resistant
  •  elastic
  •  adjustable


Brand: Kasikao

Color : Blue and Red

Size: S/M L/ XL

Composition: Iron, skin.


The use of washing machine and dryer is prohibited.

Allow to ventilate in the open air.

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