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  The purpose of the punching bag is to perform repetitive movements necessary for the training of this sport. Depending on the exercise that is intended to be done on it, there are different models, the largest and heaviest are intended to develop the power in the blow, while the less heavy ones are to improve reflexes and speed of movement.

The heavier the weight, the greater the resistance of the bag to impact. If you are just starting to train it may be a good option to use a light bag as a heavy one can cause your joints and bones to suffer. If it is light, the bag will bounce and this is also not very positive as this is detrimental to your technique. So it would be best to use a bag that is of moderate weight so that it does not have negative consequences on your training.

The specialist in Martial ArtsBruce Lee used to train with a 30 kg bag, although he was capable of breaking with a kick bags of more than 60 kilos.

This practice achieves four objectives:

  • Perfecting the punch This first phase should be supervised and rehearsed under the supervision of a trainer until the optimal gestures are achieved.
  • Automation Repeat the blows frequently until they become reflex actions so that the supervisor's presence is not necessary.
  • Strengthening of muscles involved in the stroke. is the longest part of the training with the punching bag in which the aim is to harden the muscles by repetitive use.
  • Desensitize the skin and bones of the extremities

The sandbag is not filled with sand but with soft material such as cotton or foam rubber. The sand is only in the base to achieve stability. Since the force of the blow is based on the speed and technique of the boxer, not on the weight of the bag, a poorly filled bag can cause serious injuries. This is why this bag is erroneously known as a "sandbag".

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